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The nighty man (representing: Zanfras). He owes his nickname to his nocturnal life like watchman sworn in the central building of a company of sworn watchmen. He learned the art of the Zale while working in the breaks he used to do between film and film of Channel +. He gained the provincial championship of Madrid in 1992 and the autonomic championship of Madrid in 1993 before obtaining his, until now, only national title in 1994. The fall of the delinquency in the capital took to its company to the bankruptcy and pushed him to live exclusively on nocturnal boards from 1995, till then.

The pentecostés. (representing: Modorna) Denominated by its colleagues of game "the pentecostés" by its well-known liking to the world of computer science, Montero is one of the great promises of future for the coming years that are about to to arrive. Until now he has not been able to gain any final he has played, although it is certain that his participation in championships have been limited. Merino has said of him "It would be no wonder that this boy comes to be known by his opponents".

The repeated one (representing: Zurriba II) He owes his nickname to a brother he has that, accidentally, its named just as him. In the shade of this one, that has the greater number of runner-up titles and it has never won in anything, Alvaro Biosca has obtained solely two championships of Spain in Maspalomas and Torquezuela del Motrillo in 1998 and 1999. Retired in 2000, he retired again in 2001 after appearing fleetingly promising not to touch a board again until 2003, thing that he failed to fulfill in same mentioned year 2002. Its favorite film: "Terminator". Its favorite phrase: "I will come back, or not". Its favorite bullfigther: Manolete.

The lazy one (representing: Fermín Ciruelo) After thinking a lot about it, during 30 years, 13 months and 41 days, he decided to enlist itself in the national course of rotational turns of the district of Moncloa, Madrid. He was first of his promotion, which animated him to repeat course. Luck repeated the following year, being second. Vicerunner-up has been being behind Gustavo Biosca in 3 occasions. He lost his only title of Spain until now by incomparetentia.

JOSÉ LUIS BELLIDO (1975-to pass away)
The Guoper. His professional race began with great force due to the money that endorsed him, won with its invention to rest its head in working hours (the "Siesta Blaster"). He owes his nickname to his innumerable liking by hamburguer restaurants of American food. It has obtained the first Burger King Trophy of Zale in covered track, in 2002, and he has a great projection.

The twisted (representing Nuñez de Cuesta IV)Far away of having a not friendly personality, he owes his nickname to the nonexistence of a single photo in which he appears lookin frontally to the camera (see the example). Follower of Villarejo and indoctrinated by Parrondo during several years, in alternating days, Fuengirola is one of the best specialists in avoiding inverse contrazales when he dominates the vertical axis. Champion of Spain of 2000, has a great future ahead, or laterally, depending to where "the twisted" is decided to look.

The humorist (representing: Necronomicón III) After a short career as a magician between the 12 and 26 years, Biosca decided to dedicate itself to the humour and to operate its humorous dowries that have given him such success lately. Player of Zale since he was a small boyx, is the last one of a great saga. His older brother has wanted to follow the passages of Gustavo, but he has not achieved nothing else that two championships of Spain, nothing comparable with the 5 subchampionships of "the humorist", in addition to his other 25 subchampionships in smaller or greater trophies. He prefers to maintain the anonymity for obvious reasons that we do not dare to mention.

MIKI. (representing Merino II) One of the last discoveries of Merino, Miki is perhaps the most promising player of his generation. Although he has disputed no national title, in 2002 he obtained between January and August a total of 120 victories and only two defeats of almost the 130 disputed games. The Miki, grandson of Merino, has flowing by his veins the turn invented by his grandfather and he has promised to honor the develop from his predecessor to obtain an own hollow in the site that corresponds to him to be.

The buffalo (representing the Bofias) There is nothing that bothers him more than people who relates him to Santiago Montero, the pentecostés, with whom he solely shares the last name. His games in semifinals of Fuencifuentes of 1999 and final one of Hortiruelo in 2001 have made him famous and very well known by their eagerness of puristic movements, in which he looks more the elegance that the victory. He has been related to a journalist woman of moral convention who has supported him in all his race everywhere in the world and part of the foreign countries. He has not putative children known.

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