EL ZALE: El juego, las reglas, el tablero, los mapes, los jugadores

The vampire girl (representing: Merino). Daughter of famous cinema director Ricardo García de Soria, carried out one of his more famous successes, her episcopal trilogy: Safrodón, the one birth sacristía; After the tracks of Maria; and reverendo the Francisco Ibáñez, in whom "matahombres" played the role of woman. From the vampiresa nickname comes to him there. It has never obtained no title like professional player, but always it has had his danger within the board. It gives deprived classes of infantile Zale and organizes the municipal championship for minors of 8 years.

The Reckless. (representing: Casquejo) Born in leap year year, in its scholastic stage decorated its folders with photos of Agustín Merino. Fan to the zalero professionalism is an unconditional one of the Litvarsky advance, with that is rumored that it maintained enthusiastic idilio by letter. She has in his salary several titles of Maspalomas and Zarzas of the Mountain range, where their name to a seat has put him. She always plays the attack, of there his nickname of reckless.

ANA JUÁREZ (1972-?)
The ex-fiancèe of the Buffalo. (representing: Ceceaga) Ows its nickname to have maintained a sentimental relation with Javier Montero, the Buffalo. Amateur journalist and professional zalera, participated in all the championships to which his fiancè goes. She achieved that the Federation approved her proposal to create a variant of the Zale to play by mixed pairs, but did not achieve any success between the organizers of championships. She has been finalist in numerous matches and championships.
The girl of Arganzuela. (representing: Modorna) We cannot say that she is a player of much success, but the one that more titles has won in the last decade: Maspalomas 91, Motril of Mountain range 96, Mirasierra de Jerez 98, Championship of Spain 93, 94 and 97, Mounts of Border 99, Sotolargo de Albacete 2002, Mountainous area of River basin 2000, Carbalejo 2001, Vilarosa 2002, in addition to 12 subchampionships. In 2003 it has obtained the prize power saw to mape of feminine gold.
Nuclear atomic bomb of blank. (representing: Vidal)Conocida like "nuclear atomic bomb of blank" by its initial outbreak in the games, like a pump, but its dramatic end that leaves much to be desired and does not fulfill the expectations. It has begun very well great games like the semifinals of Brambles of the Mountain range of 98 and 99, the end of Maspalomas the 96 and quarterfinals of the trophy Tribute to Merino in Toro (Zamora). Their departure end, like always, was not to the height.
The perfect gentleman. (representing Modorna)She likes to appear dressed as a man in the championships of the Carnival of Great Canary, Bethlehem Parrulda was discovered by the fashionable representative: Modorna. It jumped to the fame when it obtained that they registered it in the masculine championship of Saagunto de Arriba, obtaining to deceive spectators, players and critical until in semifinals was unmasked by the Agents Several. Since then it is obligatory to present/display the DNI to register in the national matches.
La menchu. (representing: Escarante) After trying other minor games as chess, she discovered the zale thanks to his boyfriend Pablo Martin, who trained her to become the best revelation zalera of Loeches 2008. Granddaughter of her grandfather, it's clear that she followed the path of her father's father more than once (or not).
EVA NIETO (1968-)
La mamma. (representing Muñoz) The only professional zalera that has been mother and has left the championships. To the 3 days to have to his first daughter it left of the young hospital in arms and she was direct to defend his title in the championship of Maspalomas 2002. It had to retire after losing in second round by medical advice of the Agents Several. Her daughter of only a year, learned to say "zale" and "mape" to the time that "papa" and "mother", and is outlined like a future promise.
Trucho. (representing Suco) Professional zalerist from December of 1993, retired in 1994 by problems of dependencies with certain narcotics, returned to boards in 1997 partially recovered. It has not obtained any title, but she is a doubly dangerous player: first, by its type of game; second, by its well-known bad character. It has prohibited the attendance to regular championships from January of 2002 to attack in more than an occasion to the Agents Several.

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